A deployment is always associated with a unique URL and a staging alias. The unique URL has the following fundamental components:

  • The deployment subdomain, made up of:

    • The deployment name
    • A UID
  • The deployment suffix, which defaults to now.sh but is customizable with the custom domain suffix add-on

A breakdown of a Now deployment URL structure.


The subdomain can be at most 63 characters.

Project Name

When a deployment is created, it must supply a project name. If a name is not specified explicitly, Now will use either the directory name or repository name.

The name can take up, at most, 53 characters. It is always followed by a dash - and then the UID.

UID (Unique identifier)

The UID is derived from a large cryptographically random number encoded as 9 alphanumeric characters.


The default suffix for all deployments is, by default, .now.sh. It is registered with Mozilla's Public Suffix List.

For enhanced isolation and security, we recommend configuring a Custom Deployment Suffix.

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