We highly recommend including the .nowignore file in your Now deployment. It is essential in uploading only the required paths to Now, increasing the speed of the initial deployment process.

In this document, you will learn the file's exact function and how to use it.

What Files Are Uploaded

By default, all files within your project are uploaded (not served, just uploaded) to Now.

In order to prevent a path within your project from being uploaded to Now, you need to create a .nowignore file and add the path that you would like to ignore.

The syntax of a .nowignore file is exactly the same as a .gitignore file (you can find the full specification here). As an example, this is how .nowignore would look if you wanted to prevent the directories node_modules and dist from being uploaded:


An example .nowignorefile, preventing the node_modulesand dist directories from being uploaded.

We highly recommend taking advantage of this system for ignoring paths, as it will make creating deployments both faster and cheaper.

Note: If you would like to check exactly which files are uploaded, you can do so from the Source tab on the deployment dashboard.

What Files Are Served

Only files that are matched by the src property of a Build are "considered for serving", the Builder you defined decides whether a file is then actually served.

If you did not define a now.json file containing one or more Builds, however, all files within your project will be served.

The only exceptions are now.json and .nowignore, which will not be served if you did not explicitly define a Build with a src property that matches their names.

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See the documentation on Deployment Basics, Builds and Builders to learn more: