Status: Deprecated
Warning: This Builder is deprecated. Please use the @now/static-build Builder instead which supports the same features, improved performance, and more.

This builder converts .md files into .html. It uses remarkjs under the hood.

When to Use It

When you want to create quick static websites from Markdown source files.

How to Use It

We will define a file:

# Hello World!

## This is a subheading.

An some content in markdown!

Then we will define our build step to optimize our images:

  "version": 2,
  "builds": [{ "src": "*.md", "use": "@now/md" }]

That's it. The result looks like this:

Also, the source code of the deployment can be checked by appending /_src e.g.

Technical Details


The entrypoint is always an .md file you want to convert to HTML.