Status: Deprecated
Warning: This Builder is deprecated. Please use the @now/static-build Builder instead which supports the same features, improved performance, and more.

Create mdx-deck decks with ease.

This builder is similar to @now/static-build, but instead of having to write a package.json file, it receives a .mdx file directly as an entrypoint, which it builds into a index.html, main.js and main.html files.

When to Use It

When you need to quickly create a deck with no ceremony, configuration or custom npm packages.

How to Use It

Define a index.mdx file with the following contents:

My slide
My second slide
My third slide

Then define the build inside now.json:

  "version": 2,
  "builds": [{ "src": "index.mdx", "use": "@now/mdx-deck" }]

Your resulting deck is statically built and served from our CDN:

The example deployment above is open-source and you can view the code for it here:

Technical details


The entrypoint is always a .mdx file that follows the mdx-deck format.